What We Know:
Family name: 
Given name: Moses
Date/place of birth: 11. September 1886, Steinbach
Date/place of death: Exact date of death unknown
Age:  56 years old at deportation

Moses Krämer was Born on September 11th 1886 in Steinbach, located near the boarders of Frankfurt am Main. His parents were Abraham (16.08.1860) and Hannchen (née Katz, 06.07.1857) Krämer.  Abraham and Hannchen married in Steinbach on October 11th 1885, almost exactly one year before the birth of their first son Moses.

Ancestry, Hesse Birth Records, Moses Krämer

On February 1st 1890, Abraham and Hannchen welcomed their second son Hermann Krämer, born in Steinbach.

Ancestry, Hesse birth record, Hermann Krämer


Moses married Ida Eisemann, the fourth child of Abraham and Regina (née Maier) Eisemann of Bauerbach. Ida had seven siblings. More information on the Eisemann family can be found on the Bauerbach profile of Max Moses Eisemann, Ida’s older brother.

Moses Krämer and Ida had their first daughter Käte Krämer on June 12th 1914 in Tiefenort. Their second child Isabella was born on February 2nd 1917. Their youngest daughter, Thea, was born on July 18th 1920.

Moses Krämer and his family contributed  5 members of the small Jewish community of 30 who were living in Tiefenort in 1925. Although living in Tiefenort, Jewish people living in the small town were officially a part of the Jewish community in Stadtlengsfeld. Moses Krämer ran a store in town that that sold animal feed and garden mulch. In 1933, the number of Jewish people living in Tiefenort rose to 35, just a few years before the number would drop drastically due to the growing anti-semitism, economic hardship and threat of violence towards Jews under Nazi Germany rule. By 1939, all of the shops in Tiefenort that were previously owned or run by Jewish community members, were seized, taken away by force.

Arolsen Archives, Tiefenort registration cards for Jewish residents, 11204410 Moses Krämer


Arolsen Archives, 129825524 Käte Krämer

Moses and Ida’s daughter Isabella married a with a man who’s given name in unknown, last name Isaksohn, on April 26th 1939. . Isabella (née Krämer) Isaksohn had a son, Joel Isaksohn, born May the 5th, 1939. His name, birth date and location are documented on his mothers Jewish membership card below. The membership confirms her identity through her marriage documentation, however, her husbands name is not mentioned, and the marking under “ledig” suggests that at the time the membership was produced, they were no longer married.

Arolsen Archives,129824394 Isabella (née Krämer) Isaksohn
Arolsen Archives, register of names of the regional district court prison Landshut, 12055850 Käte Krämer

The entire deportation of five Jews from Teifenort were related to the Eisemann family, including Max Moses’s sister Ida Krämer, her husband Moses, daughters Thea Krämer, Isabella (née Krämer) Isaksohn, and their grandson, three year old Joel Isaksohn.

Arolsen Archives – 128450614 Moses Krämer
Arolsen Archives – 128450614 Moses Krämer


Hessisches Hauptstaatsarchiv; Wiesbaden, Deutschland; Bestand: 905; Laufende Nummer: 1304

Hessisches Hauptstaatsarchiv; Wiesbaden, Deutschland; Bestand: 905; Laufende Nummer: 1304