RUHLA: Amalie KAUFTHAL, 1882-

What We Know: 
Family name:
Given name: Amalie
Date/place of birth: 24 September 1882 Lomma/Sweden
Date/place of death: Exact date of death unknown
Age:   60 years old at deportation
We know very little about Amalie Kaufthal. She was born on 24. September 1882 in Lomma, Sweden. In 1942 she lived at Adolf Hitlerstr. 1 in Ruhla. She was single; she was not a German citizen. She was deported on 10 May 1942 to Ghetto Belzyce. She was the only person deported from Ruhla to Belzyce.

Adolf Hitler Platz, Ruhla, 1937

That is all we know about her and sadly we know these traces from the transport list.

Arolsen Archives,128450607 Amalie Kaufthal
Arolsen Archives, 128450607 Amalie Kaufthal

So many questions remain: when did Amalie Kaufthal come to Ruhla? And why? What did she do there? Are there any records in the town that can provide more information? And so forth.

For now, on 10 May 2022, we honour the memory of Amalie Kaufthal.